I have completed a technical education with training to master and an additional 2 years of training to become a certified technician with success. My last job was as head of a major corporation. My interest is focused on art with recycled materials. Here I am specialized in photos from used beverage bottle cap. The style is based on the basis of pointillism, which has been used since 1890 in various forms until today by various artists and forms. From digital photography, we know the term "pixel". From this I developed the name PiXEL31, because the diameter of the lid is 31mm.


In business, recycling has long been an integral component and helps to protect our resources. The issue affects us all, think back only your last beach vacation where alluvial garbage disturbed the nice atmosphere. Huge amounts of plastic waste produced from the valuable raw petroleum, drives abandoned in the oceans. Reason enough to deal with the intense upcycling. The term upcycling describes the conversion of worthless garbage to a higher-quality item. That is why I am working so and an integer number of other artists in this profession. The works are exhibited not only in the trendy galleries, but have already made it into the great temple of art, for example the MOMA in New York managed.

V I S I O N - 201X -

To publicize the recycling art in public to a greater extent, I plan to build a Gallery exhibitions and in the Vereingten Arab Emirates, USA and in the vicinity of Lake Constance. Investors can contact me feel free.


- UAE -


Study of the planned 13 levels pyramid with gold lace. The 3, with solar module, used pages suffice with a smart storage system for independent power supply. During the 4th page provides with glass transparency and biological light. On the Base Ground is space for the establishment of galleries and spaces for sale. While 1 Studios is provided for guest artists available on the plane. From level 2, the exhibit space. Between the tip and the modules rotatable Lounge is completely turns over 60 minutes around the axis. As a meeting point for discussions and to be the culinary delights justice, complete the artistic experience, from a pleasure temple.

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