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Cave painting of 21. Century


Welcome and thanks for interest in Bottle Cap Art. I am pleased to welcome you. In the following pages I present to you more than just the wonderful world of colorful recycling pictures. You have the option of more discoveries to be made, among other things, you will also get an insight into parts of my own collection. The recycling images are made from used beverage bottle caps. When I discovered the bottle cap for me, I was immediately aware of exactly what I enjoy. And so I started in around 2010 to create my first pictures. Almost all images are cut from the original bottle caps without further addition of color by hand, arranged and connected with the canvas.

The nice thing is that the bottle caps change neither color nor rot. Most of it is transient, these images are similar to the known age-old cave paintings endure. It is the testimony of an era in which we have uninhibited products made from petroleum. If we forget for a long time, only our legacy to the present day and our culture will remember. Recycled Art is also known as "UPCYCING". It is not about to make the products in question, but how we as human beings use the material. If we carry out residual materials proper disposal, we leave a liveable planet.

Contemporary art of today, are the classics of tomorrow. Therefore you invest now, for the future.

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