These new flight traffic sign arisen due to a traffic accident at special

September 9, 2001. I can still clearly remember this day,as I was working at the airport. Several aircrafts destroyed propertyand human life. There were such terrible events that moved me emotionally deep. I processed it in the traffic signs to prohibit to fly airplanes into buildings. The better alternative is a comanded signboard diverts the aircraft. No more time again. If everything is done the way they want us to believe it. Sincerely to Hollywood.

Head Eiffelturm - PARIS - France Collect - PARIS -traffic sign

9/11 was the first one, of this kind traffic signs



Collect NEW YORK

If we are to believe various reports, the accident was a false flag action, which was financed by a Western elite. This has brought a religious community into disrepute, to continue to be favorable to reach their crude oil. But the reports of the secret services, which provide evidence of this, are under lock and key. As long as you can, however, no one to assign blame.

911 NYC
Bur Al Jarab


Collect DUBAI

If you continue considers the cost of rehabilitation of 2 asbestos buildings happens then you can already understand that it is better to plan for a collateral damage with 3,500 people. Whether it was a question of commercial aircraft or remote transport machines, you could not clearly see from the pictures. With the drone technology you can see what is possible today. All this is of course based on no basis and is entirely fictional. But even for those responsible, there is a day of judgment, will be charged to the.
Bur Al Arab

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