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CoverIn search of new trends of artistic avant-garde art on the contemporary art market, I found a wide variety in the field of "recycling art ". Why avant-garde? Because the avant-garde alone question the status quo critically and provocatively. Only with new ideas can one initiate fundamental and long-term changes and thus social upheaval.

"Recycling Art" is also known as "Upcycling". What is behind this phenomenon and who are the artists of this "new art direction"? As a first part of a series, this book brings together 44 artists from all continents in short portraits in the form of a temporary inventory. They allow a comprehensive insight into this fascinating world, which at the same time represents a mirror of our consumerism through the art medium.


"Contemporary art will always be the enfant terrible of the art market ..."

Thierry Ehrmann, TEFAF Art Market Report 2015 Sculptor, visual artist, founder and CEO of and the Serveur Group

A free preview is available as download below. The eBook will appear in November 2016

Translations are available in English, Arabic, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Polish and Portuguese.

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With the purchase of the eBook you support exhibitions and fairs of recycler artists. Simply order with Paypal part 1 as pdf - 58 pages - for 5,99.- €. For 9,99 € you get after completion, the 2nd part before the official release. The print date for the paper output is still open.

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The Enterprise Edition for 59.- € includes life-long updates and as a "special", unpublished material. Thank you for your support. For further information, please contact


Since 2012 I have found more than 400 artists working in the field of "Upcycling". For this first part of the book, the hard task was to make a first selection from the many outstanding artists. This is by no means a valuation, but it should show the wide variety of this fascinating field of art. The work on the second planned edition has already begun with research on the works and biographies of a further 150 artists of rank and name. It is also intended to make surplus book sales available for trade fairs and exhibitions in order to make the new art program more widely known to a broader public. It is also intended about book sales to make trade fairs and exhibitions available, in order to make the new kind of art more widely known to a broader public.


It is not just the waste, but also the overproduction that is a significant burden on our environment. It is known from physics that there can never be a pole alone. It always produces a counterpole. Or in other words: "Actio gleich reactio". The new movement "Upcycling" has therefore developed from the overflow and wastefulness. The spectrum of materials used here is quite new, ranging from wood, from old skateboards to various plastics, to metals in any form. Even glass is reinterpreted and has already found entry into museums such as the MoMA in New York. It is exciting to witness the development of contemporary art in the 21st century. Immerse yourself and be surprised! Recycling art often referred to as only upcycling has long since reached the great museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Works by various artists are already traded in the 6-digit US dollar area. So it was time to published a book about that..


How did it come to the book?

The theme of "recycling art" fascinated Reiner Rupp so much that he sought and found other artists working in this field. In doing so, he researched a large number of great works worthy of being presented to a broader public. As there is so far little literature on the topic of "upcycling" in art, the idea has developed into a series, the first volume of which is now available and will be continued in the future. Environmental pollution is one of the greatest threats to our civilization. Sometimes it seems that only a few people have recognized it. This is particularly evident in how carelessly the resources are bypassed every day. The effects of this are already felt to some extent today. However, the generations will meet us all the more when raw materials are no longer available, areas and seas are contaminated with waste or contaminated with residues. There is not only the now and the present, but also a morning - and that should be our highest priority and lead to responsible action. Our children and grandchildren will thank us. Reiner Rupp, 2016: "During a vacation I found more plastic waste during walks along the beach than I could collect and dispose of. If each individual were to take on something more and assume responsibility, we would have a great deal in common for the future.

Therefore my premise: "Act not only look." In this sense, the author and artist Reiner Rupp would like to appeal to all of us: "Think of tomorrow."

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